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Helping a Team Member Get Through Rough Patches

As human beings, we have good times, and occasionally, some bad times too. Both can be extreme, with the good being phenomenal, and the bad, being very difficult, and while it’s all about perspective, I’m sure you’ll agree that some of the bad situations are much worse than others. If you know me or have read my articles and posts, you’ll know that I feel strongly about my Allstate team. We work well together, support each other, and do some fun things as a team, as well.

So, when something unfortunate happens to a team member we take quick action, including: We make certain that our colleague’s work is handled efficiently, and “balls” aren’t dropped. This allows our team member to put thoughts of work to the side and deal with what they are going through. Of course this helps our clients as well. We know that there can be a need to take extra days off, or leave work early and we work hard to accommodate everyone’s schedule. We arrange for “meal trains” and do other things that can ease some of responsibilities at home. We are sensitive to the heightened emotions that may come to the surface as a result of the situation and respond accordingly. Most of all, the team recognizes that at any moment something can befall any one of us. Helping each other through thick and thin seems to be the best way to support each other and our clients too.

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