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Hearing From Our Customers

Finding out “how we’re doing” and how our customers feel about working with us is a key part of how I run my Allstate agency.

Our goal is to be up close to our customers. After all, unless they need to file a claim or change their coverage, our communications can be minimal.

Surveys like the one here are one way we keep our finger on the pulse of our customers’ thoughts and suggestions about working with us.

Do you “survey” your customers? In many cases, it is an eye-opener.

This is from our customer, Peter Lichtenberg,

Peter, of course you had insurance before you started to insure with Allstate. What prompted you to make a change?

Frankly I changed because of premium and because of lack of service / contact.

Now that you’re a customer, what has been your ongoing experience?

The experience from a service standpoint has been excellent. They have a very professional team. They do their best within their limitations. Allstate controls premium.

What do you like best or what do you wish you had more of when working with the Shaw Agency?

I like the certainty and they make me feel very confident. I like the personal touch.

Any final words?

They are terrific in what they do. I wish they had control over pricing. I highly recommend them.

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