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Embracing The Dog Days of Summer and Making Every Moment Count

Ah, the dog days of summer where I’m doing nothing except for sitting on the beach enjoying the rays, and then partying through the nights with an umbrella drink in my hand.


Sounds good, but not exactly the life of this busy single working Mom of 2 daughters, but I’m not complaining because the summer is a special time regardless.

It’s simple. I'm on a mission to create lasting memories that I can hold onto even as autumn approaches.

For sure, one of my favorite things to do is spend time with the girls. School's out, schedules are more flexible, and it's the perfect opportunity for us to bond over outdoor activities.

From picnics to time at the beach, bike rides, and a few side trips to new places, these moments allow us to slow down and connect in a way that the hustle and bustle of the school year often doesn't permit.

Amidst all the leisure, work still finds its way into my dog days – but in a way that integrates with the season. When working remotely, I can take my laptop outside and with an iced coffee in hand, I catch up on emails, participate in Zooms, and run some meetings too.

Balancing work and play aren’t always easy, but there's something magical about being able to reply to emails while soaking up the sun's rays.

Summer also calls out to the traveler in me, and I make it a point to embark on at least one adventure during these months. Whether it's a road trip to a nearby town or a getaway to some exotic location, exploring new places adds a layer of excitement to the season. Getting to do this with my partner adds greatly to the enjoyment.

The days are gradually getting shorter, but I'm determined to hold onto the warmth, laughter, and the carefree spirit that define this season.

How do you make summer magic? Would love to hear from you.

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