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Developing the Culture of Your Team

I have an awesome team here at my Allstate agency.

I’m aware that they are on the front lines, speak with clients when the clients are at a low point in their lives (ever have a flood? A fire or car accident), and they must be sympathetic and soothing as well as being insurance mavens.

It’s a lot, but they do it well.

I’m blessed.

I’ve also worked hard to make my Allstate agency a great place to work, and I know our work environment helps me to attract and retain a terrific team of people.

They are fundamental to the success of the agency, and I make certain that they know it.

Here are some of the things that I do and believe that the owner of any small company can do so too. I also think that it is harder to execute these things within the confines of a large organization in which there are layers of bureaucracy to go through.

There are no truer words for me to say other than the buck stops here.

We have a supportive work environment.

As a single Mom of two young children, I know that life can get very complicated and that was BEFORE Covid. The team understands that we are all in this together and when an emergency occurs, we all jump in to pick up any slack. With that being said, everyone is cognizant of leaning on their coworkers and will do so only when there is absolutely no choice.

We have fun.

I try to keep the mood in the office enthusiastic and happy, and for those that don’t know me, happy and enthusiastic is an intrinsic part of my personality. I like to keep it light, and in a business that is not full of levity, we accomplish this quite well.

Our “togetherness” is authentic.

We recognize our accomplishments and regularly schedule dinners and team gatherings. We don’t go overboard because everyone is busy with their “regular” lives, but there is something about breaking bread and sharing a glass of wine that makes for camaraderie.


I also understand that none of this would mean anything if my team felt underappreciated or disrespected in any way.

I maintain an open-door policy and the team knows I have their backs just as much as hope they have mine.

We haven’t experienced the great resignation and I hope that we never do. I believe the team culture at my agency will keep it at bay.

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