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Building Your Tribe

I’ve always been a big networker and a staunch advocate of creating relationships that can sustain the test of time. I’m pretty sure I believed in this approach way before I thought of it as “networking,” and back then my thought process was to make friends because “you never know.”

In the last years, my networking has changed and while I still attend meetings and events, I am currently looking to go deeper and add more value to the relationships that I have, while at the same time growing new relationships.

For me, it’s “building my tribe.”

I get most of my business through referrals. Satisfied clients tell their friends and family members, but there is a limit to the friends and family members that require what I offer. My biggest source of new business comes from Realtors because their clients NEED what I provide. Of course, their clients may already have their own resources, but in many cases, they are happy to get recommendations from their trusted broker.

To that end, I have made it a point to not only “network” with this community, but to also HELP THEM with their business in other ways. This has included:

Bringing in speakers and consultants on topics that are important for their business growth. The speakers have done programs on best practices for using LinkedIn, how to best incorporate social media into business development outreach, building a personal brand, and more.

Arranging for a professional photographer to do headshots.

Creating fun social events that provide an opportunity to grow relationships.

I have their back, and I believe they know that I am always willing to help them in any way that I can. The Realtors make me stronger, and a better person and I hope that I do the same for them.

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