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Blended Families Can Be A Blessing

I toured colleges this weekend.

What the heck you might be saying. Aren’t your girls way too young to think about college.

Well yes, that’s true, but my partner’s son is not, and so together we all embarked on a whirlwind weekend touring schools and sharing good times.

It was fabulous.

My girls had insightful questions and listened to what my partner’s 17-year-old son was asking. They got to see what he cared about, and It was a superb learning experience, the kind you can never get in a classroom.

By being part of a blended family, our four children are regularly exposed to new situations and perspectives. They all learn from one another and grow from each experience.

They’ve learned to be patient and considerate with each other and have taken these skills into their classrooms and social situations.

I see greater maturity born out of their shared experiences.

Best of all, there is more happiness and love to go around, and frankly, who doesn’t want more of that in their lives.

I’m not an expert with professional training in the field, but if you have any questions or want some information about how we’ve made our blended family a success, please reach out and I’m happy to give you my thoughts.

Based on this weekend, I am wildly positive and enthusiastic about the good things that can come from the situation.

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