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Being Vulnerable on Social Media Can be Scary

Maintain your cool.

Stay strong.

Be resilient.

Be authentic.

We know the words and see them daily in posts that show up social media.

I completely understand and agree that people want to see the “real” us, feelings, upsets, goofs, and all.

A patina of perfection is no longer admired and seems wrong. The creases and cracks are what is to be shared.

I get it, but for me being vulnerable and authentic can also be scary.

It’s not that I want to appear invulnerable because that is untrue. It’s more about sharing the insecurities and weaknesses that can make me feel uncomfortable.

I’ve learned how to do it though and now I feel I’m over the hump of discomfort.

I don’t want to put up a false picture because I think my vulnerabilities and how I get through them can help someone else that is feeling much the same.

Co-parenting and missing my girls when they aren’t with me.

Juggling a packed schedule and worrying how I can do it all.

Being there for my team, clients, friends, and family.

I’ve decided that it’s okay to share and I always welcome words of support and practical advice too.

And, if I can help you, please let me know. A cup of coffee and a willing ear can be yours for the asking.

PS This is a picture of the "real" me!

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