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Being a Role Model For My Daughters

While I adore owning my Allstate Agency and approach every single day with passion and vigor, I must be honest and reveal that my biggest passion and driving force, is reserved for my 2 young daughters. They are my “why.”

The words I use, my actions or lack of actions, the compassion I show or not, my girls are observing all of this and in some cases, modeling their behaviors on what they see. With that being the case, I am committed to being the very best role model I can be. That doesn’t mean they will always see “perfection,” however, it does mean that they will see how having a career that feeds your heart and soul (and puts food on the table, too!) while being surrounded with friends and family that you love and love you back are achievable. They’ll get to see compassion for others, generosity not only in terms of money and tangible things, but also in terms of time, and a sense of adventure and exploring the unknown, are critical to living a fulfilled life.

As a Mom, I believe that my job is to prepare my girls for the future and to ensure they will be able to live their best life helped along by the foundation that was laid right here in our home. It’s a huge responsibility but one that I wouldn’t change for the world.

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