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Be Protected Before, During & After Your Divorce

Getting divorced is a gut-wrenching event, regardless of whether it is a mutual and amicable decision.

After all, no one goes into their marriage expecting they’re going to split up, and while everyone knows friends and family members that have gotten divorced, they also believe they will be the exception. And, when you find yourself in the very same situation, it is often more disruptive than you may have expected.

There are family matters that fall to the wayside that were either handled by your spouse when you were married, or that get ignored because you feel totally overwhelmed at this point.

It’s entirely understandable, but there are certain things that you can’t let slip, insurance being one of them.

Your household situation is probably totally different now, and you must make certain that your coverages are in line with your new circumstances.

As a divorced single mom I know exactly how it feels to have curve balls thrown at you. It made me feel like I was out-of-step. The one facet of my life that I had under control was insurance. Heck, that’s my business.

I know when my clients come to my agency, we ask a lot of questions because we want to make certain that we don’t leave them vulnerable in any facet of their life.

Much like a doctor has to diagnose before they can prescribe, we follow the same path. We ask important questions and when we have the complete picture, we can recommend the types of policies that make sense.

If you have any questions or we can help you in any way, please reach out.

I’d love to be of assistance.

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