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Ask Your Clients, "How Are We Doing?"

I’m always keen to check in with my clients to see how we are doing. Here’s feedback from one of our long-time clients, Bennet Gold:

1. Bennet, of course you had insurance before you started to insure with Allstate. What prompted you to make a change?

Allstate had better rates and better customer service

2. Now that you’re a customer, what has been your ongoing experience?

The Shaw Agency has been great for the few incidences that I needed help with. They were quick to respond and as always very personable.

3. What do you like best or what do you wish you had more of when working with the Shaw Agency?

The Shaw Agency is very responsive, I really cannot ask for more of a reliable insurer.

4. Any final words?

I highly recommend the Shaw Agency. I’ve been a client for the last 10+ years and never felt the need to shop elsewhere.

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