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A Busy Mom's Morning Routine

Being a mom and a business owner requires great planning, infinite patience, a terrific sense of humor, and, oh yes, having a morning routine.

Here’s how I do it:

My 2 girls and I like to start the day as unrushed as possible, so we wake up and relax a bit before we must get dressed, eat breakfast, and head out the door. Our relaxation takes the form of watching TV in my bed for just a few minutes. We cuddle, share a few bits of information about their schedule and soon, we are getting ready for the day that lies ahead. Before you get negative about the idea of TV in the morning, please understand that the TV is my strategic move to gently coax them into waking up and provides a gentle transition from sleepiness to wakefulness.

My older daughter picks out her clothes and gets herself ready. I help my younger daughter decide on her outfit and assist with any difficulties she may have in getting into her clothes. (I wonder who decided that shirts with teeny tiny buttons was a great idea?)

We all meet downstairs for breakfast, and the first of my many coffees for the day. The girls aren’t too fussy about what they want to eat in the morning, so we don’t have a lengthy debate about breakfast. While they’re eating at the kitchen counter I put their lunch into their lunch bags. I make their lunch the night before so it’s simply a matter of taking it from the refrigerator and into their bags.

So far, so good, but here’s where it gets better.

After breakfast it's the part of the morning I cherish most - driving the girls to school. Many people view the school drop-off as a mundane task, but for me, it's a golden opportunity. During the short ride, we talk, and the girls take turns being the DJ, aka picking the music they want to hear.

These car conversations are like a window into their world, allowing me to stay connected with the changes and challenges they face. In the rush of my life, finding uninterrupted moments to connect with my daughters can be challenging, but the drive to school has become our daily time for meaningful conversation.

I believe that the first few minutes in the morning is very important and sets up the rest of the day. If this time is rushed, and everyone is tense, I’m certain that the day wouldn’t progress as well as it does when everything goes smoothly, and they know just what to expect.

That’s my routine. What’s yours?

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