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4 Tips on How to be a Great Referral Partner

As many of you know, I get much of my business through my strong network of referral partners. I’ve cultivated this business development tactic for many years and have nothing but positive things to say about how well it works.

I’ve found that being a referral partner is a fantastic way for me to build strong professional relationships and expand my network and the mutuality of the introductions we make for each other makes it a win-win for all involved.

Here are 4 tips that work for me:

1. I’ve found that regular and open communication is essential for keeping the referral relationship running smoothly. I take the initiative to stay in touch with my referral partners, whether it is a casual catch-up at Starbucks, an event I throw in my office or home to demonstrate my appreciation (ex. head shot day), or a presentation I run in my referral partner’s office to educate the team on a topic of interest. I care about their success, and I make a point of demonstrating my respect.

2. I’m a zealot about social media and so I will do shout-outs, posts and videos that mention or showcase my referral partners. Everyone needs positive PR, and by showing my referral partner’s involvement and business activity, I help them to increase their own visibility.

3. I'm as transparent as they get because being in a referral relationship requires trust and respect. As an Allstate agent, I network with many other Allstate agents, and it’s important we feel comfortable sharing information and advice about what works and what doesn’t. Honesty and integrity must never be called into question.

4. Being a referral partner means staying informed about what is going on with your partner. New offers, staff, successes, and challenges are important for me to know about, and so calls, coffee, and communication are my mantra. Being a referral partner takes time, but done correctly, there can be positive rewards for all.

I’m always happy to answer questions. Let me know if you’d like to have a conversation.

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